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Biography of a
high-Performance coach

Dr. Clinton Bullock’s dedication to service began at a young age. The Philadelphian donated his time in battered women's shelters, for instance, and then went on to serve as a student ambassador to Venezuela.

While in college at La Salle University, Dr. Bullock continued to serve the community by counseling high school students who were on academic probation and then participated in two volunteer service tours to Chile. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, he taught English in Japan for the next few years. When Dr. Bullock returned to the United States, he attended the Middlebury (formerly Monterey) Institute of International Studies where he acquired a Master of Arts degree in International Policy Studies, with a focus on mediation and conflict resolution.


Dr. Bullock’s passion for education, global awareness, and yearning to inspire others culminated in the acquisition of a professorship with the US Department of Defense. There, he occupied the post of Spanish and English professor and then went on to subsequently serve as an administrator in higher education. The aforementioned culminated in Dr. Bullock being named Fulbright Specialist by the US Department of State in 2019.

Dr. Bullock is dedicated to the betterment of the world and significantly invests in that process so that more people are provided with the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential. His work as a domestic/international community educator and counselor over the past two decades has assisted an innumerable amount of people in achieving their academic, professional, and life goals.

All in all, Dr. Bullock is committed and passionate about empowering individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, and limiting beliefs so that they may live a professionally successful and personally fulfilled life.

Doctor of Education: Organizational Change & Leadership      (University of Southern California) | Dr. Clinton Bullock

  Doctor of Education:

   Organizational Change & Leadership    

(University of Southern California)​

Master of Arts: International Policy Studies     (Monterey Institute of International Studies) | Dr. Clinton Bullock

​   Master of Arts: International Policy Studies   

(Monterey Institute of International Studies)​

Bachelor of Arts: Spanish Language & Literature (La Salle University) | Dr. Clinton Bullock

    Bachelor of Arts: Spanish    

(La Salle University)

Certified Professional Life Coach       (International Coach Federation) | Dr. Clinton Bullock

   Certified Professional Life Coach   

(International Coach Federation)

Landmark Worldwide Alumnus  (Landmark Worldwide) | Dr. Clinton Bullock

Landmark Worldwide Alumnus

  (Landmark Worldwide)

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