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Plan. Proceed. Achieve.

Dr. Clinton Bullock provides purpose-driven professionals with the pathway to eliminate self-sabotage and debilitating blind spots and action gaps by aiding them in gaining discipline and self-mastery, so they achieve undeniable and unparalleled success in their personal and professional life…permanently.

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A note from Dr. Bullock

Dr. Clinton Bullock | Life Coach & Speaker
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I have dedicated my life to assisting individuals in overcoming obstacles, achieving their personal and professional goals, and creating the lives that they ideally wish to lead. From Europe to Asia to North and South America, through my teaching, counseling, and administrative experiences, I have witnessed the ways in which anxiety, depression, and limiting self-beliefs prevent the best of us from achieving our truest potential, and thusly, remain trapped in a vicious cycle that exacerbates these depressive and anxious states. Through an individualized and strategic game plan, I can assist you in taking the necessary steps to overcome negative and hindering thoughts and emotions to create your best life.

I am passionate about YOUR success. Let me help you create the life that you want NOW.

Be Empowered!

Dr. Clinton Bullock Signature | Life Coach & Speaker
Life Coaching Programs

LIFE Coaching Programs

The Breakdown

1 hr Sessions

3 Month Program 

All Sessions Delivered Online

The Breakdown consists of a three-month, individual program that is designed to identify and assess triggers that bring on bouts of anxiety and depression. This program will empower and provide you with the tools to gain clarity and remain disciplined and focused in acquiring the exact life that you wish to have within one year of the beginning of this session.

THe Breakthrough

 1 hr Sessions

6 Month Program

All Sessions Delivered Online

The Breakthrough represents a six-month, individual program that includes all of the elements of the Breakdown, and establishes a basis for complete, long-term, positive paradigm shifting. This program has been established for those who wish to restructure their whole life so that they may advance in the most efficient of ways to realize their personal and professional objectives. The Breakthrough will assist in the development of a game-changing plan that will identify limiting beliefs, develop weekly plans to overcome said beliefs, and reinforce positive and efficient patterns of behavior that achieve the goals in question.

The 2x Amazon #1 Bestseller

The 18 Rules of Engagement to Interpersonal Communication (Book + Workbook)

Throughout his time as a professor, higher education administrator, and master life and career coach, Dr. Clinton Bullock has witnessed countless communication breakdowns among people that has led to severe anxiety, depression, and limiting self-beliefs. These dysfunctional states prevent the best of us from achieving our truest potential. In that, we remain trapped in vicious cycles that exacerbate these depressive and anxious states.

The 18 Rules of Engagement to Interpersonal Communication was designed to guide and provide the reader with the communication skills to successfully manage any sensitive or critical situation with respect to a loved one, friend, or family member. The "18 Rules..." attempts to cultivate the most empowering relationship with oneself and with others through functional and effective methods of communication.

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Dr. Clinton Bullock | Life Coach & Speaker

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Dr. Clinton Bullock is a motivated speaker who is driven by purpose. He connects with individuals through his stories of having risen from poverty to committing himself to education and development work on four continents. Dr. Clinton Bullock is a trained linguist whose diverse background and inter-cultural communication abilities allow him to connect with many individuals from various backgrounds. Through years of having taught, counseled, and organized international training, he believes in every person's ability to achieve their fullest potential and is passionate about guiding them on that journey.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Working through Anxiety and Depression             

  • Creating a Growth Mindset

  • The Art of Resiliency: Overcoming Adversity 

  • The Power of Proactivity

  • Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable 

  • Embracing Failure FTW (For the Win)!

  • The Elimination of Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Clinton Bullock has worked with students, staff, and/or faculty from some of the following organizations:


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